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Production program

mainPageSmall1.jpg Gallery of manufactured plastic parts for the automotive and electrical industry



DAIHOPilzen.jpg Our parent company DAIHO CZECH s.r.o. located in Plzni.




DAIHOnetwork.jpg We are member of international group DAIHO INDUSTRIAL




Welcome to DAIHO Schenk s.r.o. in Liberec, Czech Republic. We are a manufacturer of high-quality plastic parts for the automotive and technical components market.

For leading suppliers and manufacturers of automobiles we produce high quality components for interiors, such as decorative parts, performance parts and technical parts. Furthermore we also produce technically demanding exterior parts e.g. fillingsystems and chargingsystems.

For manufacturers of electric and motor-driven tools and machinery we provide technical components such as plastic housings, handles and other parts.

The highest level of ergonomics and many functional attributes make our products unmistakable.

In a total production and usable area of 5 500 m2, housing our 33 high-tech injection molding machines ith a clamping force ranging from 35 tons to 1000 tons, we produce one-component and multi- component design and functional parts. An important part of our production is the assembly line for kinematic parts.

We employ about 190 full-time employees. Thanks to the implementation of 5S, we are able to achieve continuous improvements in productivity and quality.